free Total commander FTP passwords’ decrypting tool

The simple utility which allows you to decrypt all encrypted FTP passwords (as well as passwords for accessing to firewall) usually stored in Total Commander wcx_ftp.ini file.


Firefox profil másolása windowsról OSX-re

1. A windowsos profil könyvtárat másoljuk át az osx /Users/xy/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles könyvtárba

2. Terminal-ban indítsuk el a firefox profil manager-ét: /Applications/ –profilemanager

3. Hozzunk létre egy új profilt, adjuk meg elérésnek a bemásolt könyvtárat

Enable native NTFS Read/Write in Snow Leopard

First, uninstall NTFS-3G/Paragon if installed.
Open (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
Type “diskutil info /Volumes/volume_name” and copy the Volume UUID (bunch of numbers).
Backup /etc/fstab if you have it, shouldn’t be there in a default install.
Type “sudo nano /etc/fstab”.
Type in “UUID=paste_the_uuid_here none ntfs rw” or “LABEL=volume_name none ntfs rw” (if you don’t have UUID for the disk).
Repeat for other NTFS partitions.
Save the file (ctrl-x then y) and restart your system.

After reboot, NTFS partitions should natively have read and write support. This works in both 32 and 64-bit kernels. Support is quite good and fast, it even recognizes file attributes such as hidden files.

Alternative Method by iBlacky:
Rename the original /sbin/mount_ntfs tool:

sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.orig

Create a script like this:

/sbin/mount_ntfs.orig -o rw “$@“

save the script to /sbin/mount_ntfs

sudo chown root:wheel /sbin/mount_ntfs
sudo chmod 755 /sbin/mount_ntfs

Enjoy R/W access to NTFS volumes…

In case you don’t like it

sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs.orig /sbin/mount_ntfs

and everything is back to R/O.

Show all files in the Finder

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO